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“Peter steered our family through the stressful college admission process with grace and good humor. His expertise, calm presence and enthusiasm were greatly appreciated. Peter's first focus was on helping my son identify what he was looking for in a college, using an in-depth interview process. As we reviewed options that could be a 'good fit', Peter's impressive knowledge of the reputation and character of myriad colleges across the country made him an invaluable resource. Though he gave advice when asked, Peter had a knack for helping my son coalesce his thoughts to come to his own decisions. He used his first-hand experience of the admissions process to advise my son on everything from editing his essays to determining his strategies. And finally, no matter how busy he was, Peter always made himself available to answer last-minute questions as the application deadlines drew near.”

Parent, Class of 2023

"Working with Peter one-on-one for essentially two consecutive years leading up to the college application process was profoundly impactful. I was probably the most frustrating kind of prospective student to work with — extremely fixated on only one school, basically wanting to put all my eggs in one basket. Peter understood this, and helped me prepare to apply to that school with phenomenal Common App and school-specific essay tips that only a seasoned veteran of the college counseling industry would know. At the same time, Peter worked to combat my relative closed-mindedness, constantly ensuring that I was considering all of the options available to me and making an educated final decision on where to apply and where to eventually enroll. This directly plays into Peter’s biggest strength as a counselor — getting to know the student as more than just a student or prospective applicant. He is incredibly attentive, detail-oriented, and empathetic, and this mindset allows him to truly understand a given student’s needs throughout the entire college application process. I could not recommend Peter’s individualized, highly-attentive version of college counseling enough — it truly is a unique approach that places the well-being and best fit of the student at its core."

Student, Class of 2019 - Finance major, now employed in Management Consulting

“To say that I was incredibly lucky to have Peter as my college counselor would be an understatement. As a very high-strung overachiever who was (admittedly) putting way too much pressure on myself, Peter was my guardian angel, consistently keeping me calm, collected, and focused on the lofty expectations I had set. He was one of my greatest sources of encouragement, helping me to set realistic expectations but always pushing me to put my best foot forward, and always had an answer to literally any question I could throw at him. He is, without a doubt, the person you want in your corner when you're going through the college admissions process, and I cannot sing his praises enough.”

Student, Class of 2017 - Computer Science major, now employed as Software Engineer


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