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I used to have a [short] newsletter.

In Spanish, viernes = Friday.

For eight glorious summer weeks, I wrote a newsletter called SemperViernes. It was a weekly "what I'm reading" memo, sent on Fridays.

I tried to include only the most impactful, groundbreaking, dense, and fascinating content that I encountered that week. One reader called SemperViernes their "new favorite weekly newsletter." Thanks!

I was sad to let this idea close out, but as with any project, the wisest ways to spend time often transform over time. Writing this "four-paragraph" newsletter was a blast, and also kept taking longer and longer each week (which won't surprise you if you read the issues below in chronological order). In short, the students and families I work with deserve my time more than this fun, creative endeavor does. I still read a ton on a huge range of topics; I just don't write as much.


I have posted links to ALL issues of SemperViernes below, free of charge. I do think there's good info in each of them; as I say to students I work with, why would I ever spend time typing something I didn't think was worth reading?

For more recent content, please see my LinkedIn page, where I post interesting articles on occasion.

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